Kalpavriksh believes in keeping their readers and interested parties updated about their Conservation and Livelihood programmes in Bhimashankar and surrounding areas.

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Based on three decades of ground experience, Kalpavriksh believes that effective management of a PA is possible only if local people are allies and take part in the governance and management of the PA. It is now well established that conservation is not possible in small islands but can be best achieved through incorporating principles of conservation in large landscapes.

Overall Goal

The overall objective is to create support for conservation among the local people, making conservation work for the benefit of the local people and to eventually arrive at and facilitate a joint protected area management strategy for Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Major Activities:

Kalpavriksh undertakes some Major Activities in collaboration and consultation with the Local communities in Bhimashankar

  1. Community Empowerment
  2. Implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006
  3. Capacity Building
  4. Exchange visit
  5. Ecological & cultural awareness creation
  6. Celebrating wild food as one of the most important sources of nutrition
  7. The Wild Vegetable Festival at Yalavali and Bhorgiri
  8. Eco-sensitive livelihoods
  9. Medicinal Plants use and Conservation
  10. Ecological studies and development of Management Plan
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Kalpavriksh, in collaboraion with local communities and other like minded organisations, organises special events to highlight awareness on conservation and livelihood issues.

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Time Frame:

The Bhimashankar Conservation and Livelihoods Programme initiated in June 2007 has been slowly developing and evolving in a phased manner. Reports of the exploratory phases as well as the other phases outlined have been presented here.

Major Outcome of the work carried on has also been summarized.

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